With Rene', you can focus on what matters the most -


Rene' frees up your time, gives you the information you need, when you need it, and it changes the way you work

Also see - AI to find your client's priorities and pain points from annual reports, earnings updates and market research

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Rene' - Your Productivity Assistant

Rene' sits on top of your business communications and data, and acts like your smart personal assistant

Collaborate Better

Rene' cleverly combines sharing of deals and tasks with chat capability. With Rene' you share living - breathing entities that are always synchronized across teams, eliminating internal frictions to productivity.


See how Rene' helps you collaborate better.

Get Deeper Insights

With Rene' everything that you need to know about your Deals is automatically curated in one place.

  • Relationship milestones 

  • Action Items from emails, chats, meeting notes, call transcripts

  • Topics of interaction, sentiment analysis, deal fading. attrition risk 


See how Rene' gives you all that you need for a deal

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Use Cases for Rene'


Team Collaboration

Professional Services Firm

With Rene', all the team members get a unified, always up-to-date, view of each business relationship using information automatically sourced from conversations over emails, meeting notes and chats.

Team members use Rene's unique share + chat feature to collaborate better, resulting in 15% savings in Productive time, along with quicker turn-around-times, higher sales and happier clients!


What People are Saying

Passionate work begets passionate response!

"Rene' very cleverly combines sharing of deals and tasks with Whatsapp like chatting. This is unique.. we had been looking for team collaboration capability like this for remote working." 

B2B Sales Head; Technology Sales Organisation

"We looked at many sales productivity tools, which were just glorified database management systems. Rene' truly understands my business world and helps me be laser focused on increasing sales productivity"

GM - Americas; Professional Services Company

“I was very surprised how quickly Rene' installed on my mobile and within seconds understood those complexities of my business that we find difficult even to explain to our colleagues.”

MD; IT Sales Company


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